Carbide Taps Have the Strength to Cut into “Space-Age Alloys”

The superior strength of solid carbide taps is ideally suited to the economic tapping of abrasive ‘high-hardness alloys’ and nonferrous materials. Carbide offers excellent cutting edge wear resistance, providing a dramatic increase in tap life with less downtime through fewer tool changes.

Smoother Operations

Solid carbide taps allow higher metal removal rates through higher speeds. You can also use surface treatments on these taps to enhance the tool’s life and performance.

Wide Selection of Tap Sizes Available

North American Tool offers solid carbide taps in a wide range of sizes, in both inch and metric measurements, and available in either straight and taper pipe threads. NA Tool’s solid carbide taps are also available with special design characteristics and geometry: 60° Thread Forms, Pipe Threads, Form Taps, and STI (Screw Thread Insert) Taps.

Varieties of Solid Carbide Taps and Carb-i-Sert™ Carbide Insert Taps from North American Tool Include:

    • 60 Degree Thread Forms
    • Pipe Threads
    • Form Taps
    • S.T.I. (Screw Thread Insert) Taps
    • Metric
    • Spiral Point
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