Read what clients are saying about Carla Collins and
"Absolute Obedience"
dog training.

I have a bloodhound that I got and she was dog aggressive when I originally got her...<more>

The No Limitations seminar was my last ditch effort to gain control of the family dog, Sandy...<more>

Thank you for all your help in getting our dog, Macy, trained. We previously tried other training techniques (treat training) unsuccessfully...<more>

I just had to let you know, that after our 3 day seminar, I saw some pretty fabulous results with Turbo...<more>





Read what clients are saying about Carla Collins and "Absolute Obedience" dog training.

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I cannot thank Fred and Carla enough for the hope they have given me, my boyfriend and one of our dogs, Jabber! Jabber had been kicked out of 5 other training classes for being a fear biter and had multiple "professional" dog people tell me to euthanize him.

Jabber has bit (or tried to bite) anyone who came near him. In 2.5 years, he still only allows about 3 people to touch him without biting. By the end of the weekend, people were giving him treats, he was sitting in someone's lap, others were walking him on leash and he was in general much calmer and more relaxed...something that the Valium and Xanax he had been prescribed couldn't even accomplish!

I run a small animal rescue organization and 3 of our rescues were at this event as well. All of the handlers were incredibly impressed by the turn around of each of the dogs. One was so impressed that she may be attending your school to become a trainer!

Words cannot express how much thanks I have for this seminar. I am more than happy that I was able to attend and I cannot wait for the January seminar!!

Carolyn Giannopoulos and Jabber

Carolyn Giannopoulos
Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue

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My name is Bill Richardson and I work 2 bloodhounds for the Las Vegas Metro PD SAR. Jack who is 14 months old and Ella who is 16 months old. Both are close to being mission ready.

Our Bloodhound unit recently started using remote collars on our dogs for obedience as well as trailing. What an amazing tool this has become. We've got our Bloodhounds doing things that never seemed possible before. And as far as trailing it didn't take away any drive but in fact gave them more drive. Our team deeply appreciates the work that Fred Hassen and staff has done with our team to get us up and running using the No Limitation's remote
collar training, and also Carla Collins. These our some great caring and giving people in the dog world.

Bill Richardson

My name is Jeremy Carter, I live in Conway, Arkansas, and have been involved with Search and Rescue for about five years. About a month ago, as I was looking for a SAR dog, I took in a dumped puppy who we believe is now about six months old. I knew my team was sponsoring a "No Limitations" seminar in Pine Bluff, Arkansas and wanted to attend with a dog that had no training at all. For the last month I worked on building a relationship with the dog my wife and I named Sasha. I did not know what to expect at the seminar and
wanted to at least have some sort of bond with my dog before working with her. This last weekend I attended the above-mentioned seminar and loved it. I believe I have made more progress in two days than I would have in several weeks with conventional training. With Fred and Carla's guidance Sasha and I not only began working as a team but have also strengthened the bond we had built.

Just wanted to give you an update on Windi, my Dobe. Quit going to shows altogether after the workshop that you & Fred conducted in Pine Bluff. Worked on training her with lots of your suggestions & the collar of course. Have shown her now five times in the past two wk ends. I busted her the first time that we showed but the other four trials she has placed each time in huge classes against OTCH trainers so I am pleased at the progress we
have made. Her attitude is great. The first week I had the collar it more than paid for itself when four deer ran past us & Windi took off in hot pursuit.

Georgia Welch

Dear Carla, 
As you know, we have had one of the worst and one of the best experiences possible in the training of our 20 month old German shepherd.  This is our fourth German shepherd so we have had them for some 35 years.  We got Toot when he was six (6) weeks old.  He is an East German DDR and is very high energy and strong willed.  We decided when was ten months old that we needed professional help with him.  After looking around, we found a facility that said they would keep him for fifteen days and did not want us to see him until the training was complete...< READ THE REST

I was at the Search seminar in Jacksboro Texas on the 9th of March 2004 .  I have a bloodhound that I got and she was dog aggressive when I originally got her. She was 14 months old at the time, and had lived inside and not been out very much . I started trailing with her  after 2 months that I owned her, and  she had bit me almost every time I worked her . I had tried to run her down the road for 2 miles everyday so she would not have so much energy . That worked for about a month, then she was back to biting . For the next 8 months I tried everything that anyone would tell me . At Jacksboro, I watched Fred with his dog that was very handler aggressive when he first got him, and was even worse than Wrinkles.  I watched Fred's dog do all of the things that it can now do, and I asked Carla if she would try the Dogtra 200ncp gold on Wrinkles . Carla told me she could fix my problem . 10 Minutes later,  there was my hound in the middle of about 20 dogs sitting, not fighting , barking , or biting anyone . Carla came over to me and spent time showing me how to use the collar . I went out in the group and could not believe that this was the same dog that I had been having to fight every time I took her out of the trailer. The next day I ran a trail without having to watch out for other dogs . This does work .              

Greg Hardy 

The No Limitations seminar was my last ditch effort to gain control of the family dog, Sandy. We had been using an E-collar with only marginal success. The seminar held at Lake Grapevine, TX was not only enlightening, but, in my mind, ground-breaking.
Shifting the e-collar use from a deterrent to a motivational tool made so much sense and is easy to do, once you learn the techniques. I truly appreciate the individual attention from both Fred and Behesha. It was pretty obvious that my dog was in the roughest shape of the group and I'm sure he presented many opportunities for object lessons. After just one day the change to Sandy's behavior and my attitude toward him made a 180 degree turn. My family is amazed and thrilled at his progress. His role has shifted from a noisy, hyper-active, monster-to-be-avoided, to a valued
and appreciated member of our "pack". Sandy & I are both works-in-progress, but his rapid progress is gratifying and motivating for me to continue to explore his potential. I believe was a much bigger bang for my buck than I could have anticipated. I look forward to more group opportunities. Thanks again.
Jackie & Sandy


Thank you for all your help in getting our dog, Macy, trained. We previously tried other training techniques (treat training) unsuccessfully. We thought Macy was not a bright dog because she didn't seem to catch on to the treat training. Now we know otherwise.

Macy learned quickly with the remote collar. We now have the trained dog that we always wanted. We're a much happier family because of your help and aid in training.

Thanks again and please remember to email us that picture of Macy and Scooby.

Elizabeth and Richard Wade and Macy


I just had to let you know, that after our 3 day seminar, I saw some pretty fabulous results with Turbo. Monday I took him for a walk, and some ladies walking by actually said "Wow, what a well trained dog". I have to admit - he was looking awesome. This was a dog that was pretty much "un-walkable" before our remote collar training. He also comes in from outside when I call him - something that he would NEVER do before.
 I won't pretend that all our problems are solved (yet), but we are well on our way. He is actually becoming a joy to have around. I can't thank you guys enough.
Mickey S


A referral from a client to a potential client --                     

Hi and thank you for contacting me. I have worked with Carla Collins in two ways. First, I have attended the 'No Limitations' class for remote collar training that Carla Collins sponsors. It is the most effective thing I have ever experienced in communicating with a dog!                    

Most people, including myself initially, think of remote collars as 'shock collars' that are drastic and hurtful to a dog. This could not be more untrue. I have used the collar on myself. While it certainly gets your attention - that is exactly what it does... it gets the dogs attention and utilized in a kind,low numerical factor, it is the greatest communication tool I have ever seen at communicating right and wrong to your dog and what you want him to do. <READ THE REST>

Hi Carla,

I was very pleased with the seminar. I had no idea what to expect and I was half afraid Rocky and I would be the least experienced pair there. When we got there and I saw that more then half of the others were professional trainers I really got nervous. However, I think we held our own and I worked out a few more reservations about using the collar. I had always felt like I had failed as a owner since we ended up going to an e-collar.
I will soon start working with our other dog and I'm anxious to see how much more I can do with the seminar knowledge I've picked up.



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